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TIN : Tax Division :
Dealer Name : Tax Circle :
Return Type : Return Id :
Return Date : Return Month - Year :
01. Rs.Turnover of Inter State Taxable Sales including Cost of freight, delivery or installation and Central Sales Tax collection
02. Deductions:  
  Rs.i). Cost of freight, delivery or installation when such cost separately charged as per section 2 (h) of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 Rs.
  Rs.ii). CST Collections as per section 8A of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 Rs.
03. Total
  Rs.Turnover of Inter State sales liable to tax (1-2)
04. Tax rate wise turnovers of interstate sales and tax liability  
                                                                                                Total TurnOver    Total Taxdue   
05. Tax paid by way of Adjustments:  
  Adjustment from VAT to CST
  CST Deferment
  Total Tax paid:
  Net CST Payable :
  Exempt Inter State Transactions  
06. Value of goods dispatched to outside the State otherwise than by way of InterState sale(as per section 6A of CST Act'56)
  Rs.i). Agent/Principal
  Rs.ii).Branch/Head Office by way of Stock transfer
  Rs. Total
07. Sale of goods in the course of Export to outside India  
  Rs.i). Sales covered by Sec 5(1) of CST Act'56
  Rs.ii).Sales covered by Sec 5(3) of CST Act'56
  Rs. Total
08. Rs.Turnover of Inter-State sales exempt Under Section 6 being second or subsequent sales(E-I/E-II)
09. Rs.Sales in the course of Import into India under Section 5(2) of CST Act'56(High Sea sales)
10. Rs.Inter State Sales of Exempted Goods covered by Sch-I of APVAT Act2005
11. Rs.Inter state Sales Under Section 8(6) of CST Act 1956 (Sales to SEZ Units Covered by Form-I)
I enclose with this return the original copy of each of the declarations and certificates received by me in respect of sales made to registered dealers, together with a signed list of such declarations and certificates. I shall submit the declarations and certificates still due before the time prescribed therefore.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information furnished above is true and complete.
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