Form of Appeal under [Rule 5(2)(a)] of The Central Sales Tax (Andhra Pradesh)
 Rules, 1957 issued under Section 13(3) and (4) of The Central Sales Tax Act,
1956 (Central Act 74 of 1956)



(The Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes)


The _______________ day of ____________________________ 20 _____________


1.       Name(s) of the appellant(s).                              :

 2.       Assessment Year.                                      :

3.       Authority passing the original order in dispute.      :

 4.     Date on which the order was communicated.        :

5.       Address to which notice may be sent to         :
  the appellant(s)

6.       Relief claimed in appeal ____________         :

(a)     Security/Additional Security demanded by      :
   the Registering authority

 (b)     Amount disputed.                     :

 (c)     Additional security amount, if any, disputed.   :

 (d)     Any other relief claimed.                 :


7.       Ground of appeal.                                :


                                             (Signed)Authorised representative, if any.


 I/We __________________________________________ the appellant(s) named in the above appeal do hereby declare that what is stated therein is true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

 Verified today the _____________________ day of ___________________________ 20__________




Signed Authorised representative, if any.


    Note --   (1)   The appeal shall be in triplicate and shall be accompanied by the order appealed against in  original or by a certified copy thereof unless the omission to produce such order or copy is explained to the satisfaction of the appellate authority and by proof of payment of the security amount, admitted by the appellant(s) to be due.

                 (2)     The appeal shall be accompanied by a Treasury receipt from a Government Treasury in support of having paid the fees of Rs. 25.  The fees shall be credited in the Treasury to the following head of account.

040 - Sales Tax (a) Receipts under Central Sales Tax Act (iii) other receipts.

Cheques, drafts, hundies, or other negotiable instruments will not be accepted.


(3)  The appeal shall be written in English and shall setforth concisely and under distinct heads the grounds of appeal without any argument or narrative and such grounds shall be numbered consequently.