Declaration under Rule 15

  I/We ________________________________of__________________________________________carrying on the business(es) known as ____________________________________at__________________________________________________________________________________ and other places in the State of Telangana as *________________________________ and liable to pay the tax under the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 do hereby declare that  I, Sri/Shrimathi_________________________________________________(here give address) _____________________________________ whose signature is appended below and who am/is *(mention here the status of designation) _______________________________________________________ of the said concern shall be deemed to be the manager of the said business(es) __________________________________________  all places within the State of Telangana for the purpose of the said Act, and shall, at all times comply with the provisions of the said Act and the rules made thereunder:

  Place:                                                                                                 Signature

 Date:                                                                                                  Status

                             *Enter here one of the following, as may be applicable.

  (a)                 the guardian/trustee or ________________________________________________ on behalf of:

(b)                 an undivided Hindu family known as _______________________________________________

(c)                 an association/club/society known as ______________________________________________

(d)                 a firm known as _______________________________________________________________

(e)                 a private limited company known as _______________________________________________

(f)                  a public limited company/co-operative society known as _______________________________

  The declaration shall be signed in the case of: -

  (i)           undivided Hindu Family -- by its manager:

(ii)          an association or club -- by its president or Chairman and Secretary;

(iii)         a firm -- by the partners having a total share not less than fifty percent;

(iv)         a private limited company -- by all its Directors or where there are no Directors, by the authorised representative of the company nominated by the Chairman.

(v)          a public limited company or co-operative society of the managing agents, or where there are no managing agents, by the Managing Directors or the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Secretary.